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Our Story – The Cube’s Many Sides.

Here at the GoldCube, we have many sides, whether you turn, flip, or rotate us, our goal is the same: To show people a better deal when selling their gold or silver. Why not just go to a jewelry or pawn shop to trade it? Although your answers can vary under your situation, our GoldCube offers what they simply can’t. Which is to get you more currency for the true value of your item. Not to mention discretion from the dealer and the avoidance of haggling.

Nakia Geller had the vision of an easier way to go about selling gold and silver back in 2012. This was his first ever start up that he built from the ground up. Like all startups, there were also start-stops as well, but that did not stop Nakia from assembling his team to help him pursue this creation of a five-hundred and thirty six pound machine. Starting the GoldCube was not an easy task. The first bit of research started with a patent attorney and when the way was clear Nakia secured two unique U.S. Patents.

From there, Theodore Scone entered the GoldCube to engineer the machine. The biggest challenge the team faced was integrating the hardware of the cube and software together. Overcoming the convenience to reach out to other countries, he instead reached out yo lead software engineer Patrick Rasmussen, to help merge the two sections together. Nakia finished creating the cube’s team and set up the office in Melbourne, Florida. Working alongside with the engineers, Nakia focused on the machine’s innovative design to keep the look of the machine as sleek and clean as can be.

Determined to see the GoldCube succeed, Nakia has never wavered from his pursuit of his goal. Buying jewelry at a fair price has always been – and always will be – the main focus of the company. However, offering people a fair deal for their gold wasn’t the only reason for building the machine. It became apparent that the GoldCube was an extremely safe way to sell gold as well. Even in the case of stolen items, the Goldcube partners with law enforcement to quickly return items to their rightful owners.

With safe trade secured, Nakia looked into a symbiotic relationship for a location of the first ever GoldCube. The partnership came together in July of 2017, when the GoldCube picked its first location – The Merritt Square Mall in Merritt Island, FL. The GoldCube is currently active and open to all members of the community.

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“Coming Together is a Beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success. -Henry Ford