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The Sales

The GoldCube’s Value Proposition

In 2015, U.S sales of gold and silver jewelry were 78.8 Billion dollars. Pawnshops alone accounted for 9.6 Billion dollars (50% of all sales). However, may are reluctant to sell their old watch or jewelry for fear of not receiving a reasonable offer for their items, unless absolutely necessary.

The GoldCube is in a unique position to capture this untapped audience and a significant market share of those who are looking to recycle their unwanted jewelry or coin for instant cash.

The Company believes the deployment of the GoldCube ATM kiosks will have a competitive advantage over pawnshops and jewelers in the buying of jewelry, coin and precious metals because of:

  • Lower company overhead (no storefront)
  • Lower personnel costs (minimal payroll)
  • Fewer assay calculation errors

Customer Examples

Built-in tabular reports and charts let management compare and study data organized by store locations, product type, customer and date. Just look at some of these examples of real customer kiosk trade.